The Farm


Springhill vineyard is dedicated to DIY winemakers. We sell by the pound to those you wish to make their own red and white table wines. Our grapes are cared for using organic and integrated pest management to bring the customer the freshest and most beautiful fruit.


We have a crusher/destemer and will crush them for you at the time of your purchase. We have a press and for a small additional fee you can have your whites pressed immediately after the crushing.


We accept preorders starting in the early part of the spring. (See grape selections) Price is determined by the market and the growing season. In the past we have sold them for $1 per pound. To preorder just send us an email with your contact information and what types of grapes you would like and how many pounds you are looking for. We will reply as soon as possible with information concerning your preorder.

Pick up and delivery

We will let you know when your grape variety is getting close to harvest so that you can get your equipment together. You need to provide your own bins or buckets to transport crushed or pressed grapes. Then several days ahead of harvest we will let you know when to show up for your order. (see map) By the way, all our grapes are picked by hand by volunteers so anytime you can lend a hand let us know and we’ll get to know you better. Thanks.

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Location: 710 Springhill RD., Traverse City, MI 49696

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